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Drovers’ Prem season begins 26 Aug v RGC1404

By Bryan Weaver | 28/06/2017

Llandovery begin the 2017-18 season with a Home fixture against RGC1404, on Saturday 26 August.

We will have our full Fixture list uploaded to our website in the near future.

In the latest version of what you can do with 16 clubs, the first part of the season will consist of two leagues of eight teams – West (which will contain RGC1404) and East. The eight teams will play each other Home and Away.

In the second half of the season each club will play the other 15 teams either at Home or Away. 

For the second half, each club will start with points in the bank, reflecting how they have done in the first half of the season - the winners of the West and East leagues will begin the second half of the season with eight points, the clubs in second place will carry seven points into the 16-team league, down to the eighth placed clubs who will carry one point.

See the full details on the WRU site here

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