“25 CLUB” NEWSLETTER NO 1 2023-2024


After the draw for shirt numbers, held at Church Bank, on Friday August 18, members have been allocated the following numbers for the entire season:

Paul Adams 20

John Ashcroft 23

Robin Barlow 10

Anthony Barry 1

David Boorer 11

Nigel Clarke 22

Geri Davies 9

Jonathan Davies 5

Kathryn Davies 8

Margaret Davies 14

Mickey Gough 16

Rob Hunt 6

Brian Jones 4

Dan Jones 18

Derek Jones 24

Steve Lock 25

Geraint Morgan 21

Wyn Morgan 19

Howard Potter 17

Phil Ratcliffe 7

Rob Salt 3

Dai Thomas 15

Huw S Thomas 2

Mark Vince 13

Tony Williams 12


The prize competition functions at every one of the home league and cup games, starting with the game against Merthyr on September 9.

Two prizes of £50 per game for a) first Llandovery try scorer b) last Llandovery try scorer.

Members have been allocated a club number between 1 and 25 corresponding to a Llandovery match day shirt, plus a penalty try category (24) and no try (25).

The no try category will come into force if no try has been scored or if there is just one Llandovery try in the whole game.

Prize awarded immediately post match if member is in attendance at Church Bank. Otherwise payment will be made in the week following the game.

2) Because of possible TV coverage of certain home games, the dates for hospitality days are as yet uncertain.

The Cardiff game on September 30 had been pencilled in but that game might well be changed to suit S4C requirements.

The home fixture against Carmarthen Quins on December 23 is confirmed a hospitality day and there will be another after Christmas, date to be decided upon.

Apologies for the uncertainty but we will keep you in close touch with developments.


Huw S Thomas for the “25” club 19/08/2023