Llandovery RFC Christmas Prize Quiz



LLANDOVERY RFC CHRISTMAS PRIZE QUIZ     Open to all – free entry

1st Prize:Two course meal for 4 at Llandovery RFC clubhouse; 2nd Free entry for 10 people to ground and grandstand at any Llandovery RFC home match in season 2021-2022;  3rd Club shop £20 voucher 4th Bottle of wine


TAKING THE SPELLING LLANDOVERY and USING JUST THE LETTERS IN THE NAME answer the following straight or cryptic questions on Geography, History, Arts, Science, Gastronomy, Sport and local knowledge

NB Letters in one word can only be used according to their frequency in the title (ie 2 x L, but only one A, D, E, D, N, O, V, R, Y).

In names of people, only the surname is required unless otherwise stated

Please email all answers to Huw S Thomas at huwiest@gmail.com or Gina Deerong at droversrfc@gmail.com or deposit hard copy answers to Gina Deering at Llandovery RFC

Please remember to add name and telephone number to your entry

Entries close at midnight Friday December 24.No entries will be received thereafter

1 A French Christmas for the retired headmaster?

2 Part of a church

3 Premier league striker

4 Bird that catches worms?

5 French composer

6 Pb 82

7 Ex-Drover now in Worcester

8 Hampshire town

9 Dyffryn

10 Most common conjunction

11 The Welsh Lake District

12 Nothing in tennis?

13 In front of Charles, Clemence and Giles?

14 Calf meat

15 Only man to win tennis’s Grand Slam (all four major titles in same year) twice

16 Knitting swimmer?

17 Hooker who played 173 times for the Drovers

18 1997 Open Golf champion

19 You’ll never walk?

20 Radnorshire village

21 John the former Wales rugby captain, or Clive the former cricketer or Sian the TV presenter?

22 Study In Scarlet author

23 South African currency

24 Dynevor’s black bird?

25 A Welsh thief?

26 Welsh public school

27 4 x 100 or 4 x 400?

28 Cube of pork

29 Acrylic fibre

30 A road through Leeds?

31 Half a dozen balls?

32 Local agricultural consultant sounds awful?

33 Channel port

34 The auricle or pinna

35 100 cents

36 Field mouse

37 Madrid, Betis,  Zaragosa,  Sociedad teams?

38 Fishing town north east of Dover

39 Sleazy and untrustworthy, corrupt

40 Mixture of metals

41 “Briefcase”

42 Cathedral city

43 Thomas or perhaps Bob?

44 World’s largest antelope

45 English Riviera county

46 Male honey bee

47 American university

48 Tennis shot

49 Made his test debut in November 2021

50 Whose daughters are these?