There was a huge response to the club’s Christmas Prize Quiz and the standard of answers was impressive with no fewer than 21 entrants getting over 80% of the answers correct.

Scores ranged from 37 to 49

Q 29, Q 41 and Q 49 proved the most challenging.

Q 29 Acrylic fibre – DRALON and not Rayon which is not 100% acrylic. (Nylon had two letter Ns!)

Q 41 “Briefcase” is the nickame of England and British Lions rugby player Eliot DALY.

Q 49 Made his Test debut in November 2021 – Nic DOLLY, Leicester Tigers hooker who made his rugby test debut v South Africa.

The leader board was very tight with Roland Williams and Sandra Tandy both getting 49 points out of a possible 50. Roland Williams’s entry came in first which was the deciding factor in the award of the first prize.

For the other places the same criteria were used – the earliest entry took precedence.

1st Prize with 49 points: Roland Williams ( formerly of Cilycwm, manager of the Torch Theatre in MIlford Haven, now retired).

Two course meal for 4 at Llandovery RFC clubhouse, kindly donated by new Llandovery RFC stewards Lisa Evans and Donna Steven.


 2nd Prize with 49 points: Sandra Tandy,  Llandovery

 Free entry for 10 people to ground and grandstand at any Llandovery RFC home match in season 2021-2022, donated by Llandovery RFC 


3rd Prize with 48 points: John and Menna Davies, Llanwrda

Club shop £20 voucher, donated by Llandovery RFC


4th Prize with 48 points:  Teulu Halen, Llandovery

Bottle of wine, donated by Llandovery RFC


5th Prize with 48 points  Cellan Williams, Llandovery

Extra prize of bottle of wine, donated by Llandovery RFC

Other excellent entries with 43 or over (86% or over) were Dawn and Carwyn Williams; Eifion Williams; Alun Davies; Wyn and Kate Morgan; Arthur and Moira Davies; Sian Davies; Janice James; Felicity Walters; Maer and Maeres; Rose Grudge; Teresa Jones

Please claim your prize by contacting Gina Deering at the club

droversrfc@gmail.com or Tel 01550 721389


1 A French Christmas for the retired headmaster? NOEL

2 Part of a church NAVE

3 Premier league striker VARDY

4 Bird that catches worms? EARLY

5 French composer RAVEL or LEVY

6 Pb 82 LEAD

7 Ex-Drover now in Worcester DOEL

8 Hampshire town ANDOVER

9 Dyffryn VALE or VALLEY

10 Most common conjunction AND

11 The Welsh Lake District ELAN

12 Nothing in tennis? LOVE

13 In front of Charles, Clemence and Giles? RAY

14 Calf meat VEAL

15 Only man to win tennis’s Grand Slam (all four major titles in same year) twice LAVER

16 Knitting swimmer? DALEY

17 Hooker who played 173 times for the Drovers YELLAND

18 1997 Open Golf champion LEONARD

19 You’ll never walk? ALONE

20 Radnorshire village LLANYRE

21 John the former Wales rugby captain, or Clive the former cricketer or Sian the TV presenter?  LLOYD

22 Study In Scarlet author DOYLE

23 South African currency RAND

24 Dynevor’s black bird? RAVEN

25 A Welsh thief? LLADRON

26 Welsh public school RYDAL (LLANDOVERY accepted)

27 4 x 100 or 4 x 400? RELAY

28 Cube of pork LARDON

29 Acrylic fibre DRALON

30 A road through Leeds? ELLAND (ELOR accepted)

31 Half a dozen balls? OVER

32 Local agricultural consultant sounds awful? DYER

33 Channel port DOVER

34 The auricle or pinna EAR

35 100 cents DOLLAR

36 Field mouse VOLE

37 Madrid, Betis,  Zaragosa,  Sociedad teams? REAL

38 Fishing town north east of Dover DEAL

39 Sleazy and untrustworthy, corrupt VENAL

40 Mixture of metals ALLOY

41 “Briefcase” DALY

42 Cathedral city ELY

43 Thomas or perhaps Bob? DYLAN

44 World’s largest antelope ELAND

45 English Riviera county DEVON

46 Male honey bee DRONE

47 American university YALE

48 Tennis shot VOLLEY

49 Made his test debut in November 2021 DOLLY

50 Whose daughters are these? LEAR


Huw S Thomas (30/12/2021)